The basic mission of the Barutana Team Building program is to create togetherness, connections instead of forcing differences.

Motivating employees is the most profitable investment!

In recent years, many modern and successful companies and companies have been applying a new business philosophy of improving and improving mutual relations. Good employee relations have been shown to improve work performance and contribute to satisfaction, thus affecting higher productivity. The joint departure of employees to Team Building gives results after the first program.

Socializing, fun, adrenaline, competitions and fun in a relaxed atmosphere and ambience, team competitions, where participants depend on each other, team spirit develops, better mutual communication and tolerance, and then transferred to the company where employees work without any obstacles as efficient team.

There are various types of Team Building programs, it is up to you to choose which type of Team Building you want. There is a possibility of individual or group competitions, where participants are divided into several teams and compete with each other, all with the goal of adrenaline fun.

We do several types of programs, and it is up to you to choose whether you want relaxed activities or adrenaline ones, and there are also specially designed programs in accordance with your wishes and possibilities.

Most often, goals are determined between the teams that are set with the tasks that the participants need to perform. Depending on their success, teams can earn additional bonus points on each task, gaining the opportunity to gain a greater advantage over other teams in the overall standings.

Every team that wins first place in the competition receives a prize !!!

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