The Barutana shooting range offers the possibility of training in the handling of firearms, as well as the issuance of a Certificate of Completion of Training. This type of certificate is necessary for all persons who wish to acquire firearms for personal or business purposes. The professional staff of our shooting range is at your disposal for both the theoretical and practical part of the training aimed at safe and correct use of weapons.

The training is conducted according to the manual made by the Shooting Association of Serbia with the aim of enabling the candidate to more easily understand and realize the desire of the legislator and us as training providers to teach you or update your knowledge in safe handling of firearms.

Training and testing of knowledge are regulated by the rulebook on the conditions of performance, the manner of conducting training for handling firearms (Official Gazette of RS No. 1/99), which, among other things, prescribes the following:

1. Theoretical part for the field:

• Legal aspect of holding, carrying and using firearms - 2 lessons
• Safe handling of weapons - 1 lesson
• Basics of ballistics and shooting techniques - 1 lesson

2. Practical part for the area:

• Safe handling of weapons - 1 lesson
• Practical shooting with firearms - 2 lessons

3. Test of knowledge, theoretical and practical work.

Obuka se vrši nedeljom od 10:30 časova, a prijavljivanje za obuku je putem mail-a The application must state your name, surname, contact phone number and for which weapon you want training.

Registration and payment for training is mandatory.

Training Gun / Revolver 12000
Small caliber rifle training 10000
Carbine training 14000
Hunting rifle training 10500
Surcharge for training PRICE
Pistol and revolver surcharge 10000
Hunting rifle surcharge 12000
Small caliber rifle surcharge 7000
Hunting rifle surcharge 8000
Theory surcharge 2000
Shooting surcharge 4000

*All prices are displayed in dinars including VAT

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