Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

NO! Only people over the age of 18 can use the services of the shooting house independently, with a valid document — an identity card or passport.

Only members of the Barutana shooting range are allowed to use their own weapons and ammunition! Every active member of the Barutana shooting range can use his personal weapon if he is the owner of the weapon and has a weapon certificate. The use of personal weapons and ammunition is permitted exclusively for small arms and pistol-caliber weapons. Rifles and hunting weapons CANNOT be used in the shooting range.

Only active members of the Barutana shooting range who have their own personal weapons can purchase club ammunition at a discounted price and use it at the shooting range at any time. Users who are not Barutana members CANNOT purchase club ammunition.

NO! The use of weapons is allowed only to active members of the Barutana Shooting Range.

Of course! You can choose different packages in your group, you just need to let us know which packages you want via the booking form.

We speak English and Serbian.

No, because you are under the constant supervision of the instructor! Any interested adult can use the shooting range's services during business hours and try out any club weapon, regardless of previous level of knowledge. Before shooting, the instructor will take the shooter through all the theoretical principles and practical actions necessary for the safe handling of firearms.

If you are coming independently, you do not need to announce your arrival or book an appointment. If you are coming in groups of two or more people, it is advisable to book an appointment before your arrival, in order to prepare the shooting range and the instructor in time.

You certainly can during our working hours, but reservations ALWAYS have priority. It is best to make an appointment to avoid waiting.

Reservations are made exclusively through the website. To make a reservation, you need to fill out the form and leave us the following information: name, surname, email and contact phone number, time and number of participants. You will receive the booking confirmation by email.

On the website you have a package price list and a price list per bullet. The minimum amount of bullets per weapon is: 10 bullets for a pistol, 6 bullets for a revolver, 15 bullets for pistol-caliber rifles.

Only weapons that are exclusive are charged, other weapons are not charged!

*For the Desert Eagle PISTOL, the use of the weapon is 2,000 RSD with a minimum amount of 5 bullets.
*For H&K SP5/SP5K rifles, the use of the weapon is RSD 1,000 with a minimum quantity of 15 bullets. All prices are expressed with VAT

OF COURSE! You can buy any package that we currently have on offer on our site. You can buy packages at the shooting range without prior notice, by arriving at the shooting range and using it immediately.

OF COURSE! We always meet our users, so you can change weapons of the same type and caliber. It is enough to mention to the instructor that you want to change the weapon from the package.

Of course! You can choose any weapon from our range. We offer the largest selection of different weapons, in different calibers. All prices other than the package can be found in our price list.

You can gladly make a package or packages of your choice, you just have to mention before the event what you want from the weapon and how many people are attending the event so that we can prepare the desired packages in time.

This is not possible because all packages are for one person, unless it is indicated that the package is for two people. All packages cover all costs for the use of weapons, ranges, ammunition, targets and the work of instructors. All prices include VAT.

OF COURSE! You can buy any package that we currently have on offer on our site. Each package that you buy as a gift for a loved one can only be purchased from us in person, and it is issued as a GIFT card of the Barutana Shooting Range. The GIFT card is personalized to the user for whom it is intended, with his name, surname and validity period. The user of the GIFT card has no additional costs and only needs to show the personalized card to the instructor of the Barutana shooting range. Also, you can buy several different GIFT cards and they are valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

Only with the prior consent of the instructor, you and your friends are allowed to take pictures/videos during shooting with firearms, unless it would lead to a violation of the basic rules of safe handling of firearms.

Of course! You can pay by cash or card. Payment is made when you finish shooting, not in advance.

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Pregnant women are not advised to use firearms due to noise and should avoid noisy environments.

Not! Tactical shooting is not possible in the shooting range.

NO! According to the Law on Weapons and Ammunition of the Republic of Serbia, automatic weapons and weapons with silencers are STRICTLY prohibited for civilian use, and therefore cannot be used on the shooting range!

NOT! We do not conduct firearms training.

YES! Within the cafe, we have a GIFT SHOP where you can choose an original gift for your loved one. You can buy the items we have on offer right away. We do not offer shipping, but you can only buy the gift in person.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.