Surprise your loved one with the perfect gift!

Choose the Shotgun GIFT CARD as an unusual gift for everyone who wants to experience unforgettable moments with real firearms in completely safe and secure conditions under the supervision of our qualified instructors.

The GIFT CARD is personalized for the user for whom it is intended and is issued for packages that we currently offer or you can determine the value of the GIFT CARD yourself in the amount of 3,000 dinars and above.

The price calculation for the GIFT CARD, if it is not a package, is done according to the valid price list by the amount of spent bullets up to the amount on the GIFT CARD. - SEE THE PRICE LIST

If you want to spend more than the amount on the GIFT CARD or if you have spent more than the amount indicated on the GIFT CARD, you can always pay the difference up to the amount you spent or want to spend.

If you chose the GIFT CARD package, all you have to do is show the GIFT CARD with a valid document.

Each GIFT CARD is personalized and valid for six months from the date of issue indicated on the card!

You can pay for the GIFT CARD in cash or by card.

We do not send GIFT CARD by cash on delivery!

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